Ignatian Pedagogy

XIBA follows the Ignatian pedagogy. The three main elements are Experience, Reflection, and Action. A Pre-learning element, Context, and a Post-learning element, Evaluation, are also necessary for the method’s success, bringing the total to five elements. Ignatian pedagogy uses this dynamic five-step method along with an Ignatian vision of the human and the world to “accompany the learner in their growth and development. The challenge posed is not just the development of intellect but also in the development of the self. XIBA aspires to develop graduates with an adequate understanding of the self and who continuously strive to build good character. Building Future leaders who press on towards Excellence with Ethics, is the ultimate motto of the institute.

XIBA’s TEACHING focuses on improving students’ learning by maximizing opportunities for learning and understanding in every lesson apart from the teaching processes itself. Having Housed in St. Xavier’s College, which was conferred with autonomous status, the institution is free to determine the course frame, syllabi for the courses and adopt suitable pedagogy and evaluation methods. Hence the curriculum is revamped periodically with updates on contemporary topics.The teaching in XIBA maintains a fine blend of theory and practice. The teachers have been guided to treat the students with respect for his / her potency and competence. Learning by the student is not only through classroom interactions but it is also more through case studies, industry visits, live projects, research projects, seminars and workshops. In the process of informing themselves on different subjects/courses in management, more than accumulating just information and memorizing theories, the students are trained to develop analytical skills and critical thinking. This helps them to comprehend social reality, develop strategies, and make discerned decisions. The summer Internship not only provides the students with the much needed work experience to back up their education, but also moves them one step closer to getting a good employment after graduation. Internship allows students to build relationships with prospective employers, hone their skill sets and come to know various industries. XIBA takes the responsibility of identifying companies for the students’ summer internship and Major Project.

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