Caption: Being Progressive and Impressive

The HR Club of XIBA XIMHAA aims to promote active interaction amongst members of the club and keep them informed about latest trends in human resources. Also the club looks on to maintain good public relations. The club organizes CEO of the week which acts as a platform to the knowledge and experience of reputed CEOs are shared. Also this event helps to maintain rapport with industry executives. The club organizes DEBATE to improve articulation skill and various Management games to enhance the analytical skill of the students.

XAIMA: Finance Club

Caption: Always Aiming for Excellence

The Finance Club XAIMA promotes finance-related activities and careers throughout the student community of XIBA. The club caters to a wide variety of finance-related interests namely Management of funds, sales and trading, and corporate finance. They are also encouraged in trading and investments.

MACXI: Marketing Club

Caption: Think Human. Act Different

The Marketing club of XIBA aims to keep its members abreast with the latest trends on marketing while integrating the functions and industries with that of the dynamics of marketing namely advertising, research, sales, branding communication and digital marketing. Also the club strives to Shape and complement the marketing curriculum and expand marketing knowledge base

OCXI: Operations Club

Caption: Energizing the Earth through Excellence

The Operations Club of XIBA is a student driven body that strives to inculcate practical approach to the theoretical concepts that students learn in class. It also exposes them to the modern industrial world in which logistics and supply chain play a pivotal role in business strategy and success.

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