Institutions Library is housed in an area of about 6000 Sq. Ft. and organized into various sections, which are manned by professionally qualified staff. Institution lays special focus on strengthening of library, for which the latest books from prominent authors are added regularly. Exclusive library for XIBA is situated inside the campus which is easily accessible by every visitors & readers. The Library has adopted open access systems which enables the readers to go to the book shelves and select the books & other resources to themselves .All the books are classified according to Dewey decimal classification & arranged in the classified order on shelves . Latest news about college is preserved in the library in the form of clipping services. Keep its readers abreast with the latest developments in Management, the library is subscribing to …..National and …… International Journals in Print form… Having separate reading hall for reticent to its readers.

  • Newspaper Clipping Service: Latest news about college is preserved in the library in the form of clippings.
  • Reference Service: Library users can consult the staff at the reference desk for help in finding information.
  • Referral Service: Referral service is also provided by Professionally Qualified staff of library.
  • Cataloguing Service: All the books are catalogued according to AACR -II.

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