The Curricula

The academic programme consists of 4 semesters spread over two years of programme. During the first year, students learn basic concepts in the areas of Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Communication skills, Computer Skills, Productions and Operations Management, Human Resource Management and Quantitative Techniques. These core courses help students appreciate interdependency of the various functional areas and integrate them while addressing problems in the business context. This will help students choose dual elective courses in the second year.

The programme consists of 20 core papers carrying a maximum of 76 credits and each specialization carrying 7 credits each semester. In addition to these, the student takes up an Inter Disciplinary Courses (IDC), French or Hindi each carrying 2 credits.

At the end of the Second semester a student spends 8 weeks in an organization for the Summer Internship. After completing the internship s/he has to submit an observation report and appear for a viva-voce on it. The objective of the internship is to provide the students practical exposure in industry and relate their classroom learning to industry practices. It also facilitates selection of their electives/ specialisation in the second year. The summer internship observation report and viva will account for 6 credits and a major Project at the end of the fourth semester shall carry 8 credits. The total number of credits shall be 120.

The second year emphasizes specialization in core areas of management such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Operations. The students are required to take four papers in any two electives in the third semester and four papers in the fourth semester. Thus the students would have specialized in two core areas at the end of the two year programme.

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