Exceeding - Expectations
20 January, 2023


1. Maximum number of 20 (Twenty) UG (FINAL YEAR from Arts/ Science/ Engineering) students can participate from an Institution (Either Self-finance/Regular Course or Combination of Both) is allowed

2. Each Institution should participant at least in 3 events (Events numbered from 1 to 6) to participate in the event Corparativo Grande (Corporate Walk)

3. Registration fee of Rs. 150 per participant

4. The students should register for the events online through https://www.xibasxc.com/Xibate22_ug_Registration.aspx

5. All the participants should bring their College Identity Cards

6. The Group events will be awarded more weightage than individual events while deciding Overall Championship

7. The decision of the Jury is final, no appeal will be entertained

8. In all the events, the medium of language should only be in English

9. Participants should not use Mobile Phones during events

10. The participants are asked to pay and register online on or before 16th January 2023

11. Participation certificates will be issued to all the participants

12. Lunch and refreshment will be provided

13. Participants are expected to maintain discipline and decorum at all times inside the campus

14. On prior requisition from the participants, the accommodation will be arranged and the charges must be borne by the participants

NOTE: The participants should bring a Bonafide Certificate, mentioning all the participants’ name, duly signed by the Head of the Department/Institution